A Flapper Inspired Red Wine & Raspberry Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Feathers

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May 2015

Nostalgia and Wanderlust might be romances cut from the same cloth. Lured by the city I love and the acclaimed director on the bill, I made the effort to see Midnight in Paris in the theater. The scenes absorbed me. In an effort to recall and revel in my time in Paris, I thought of the routes between the landmarks and locations featured in the film. My mind so thoroughly journeyed to Paris, I was disoriented and disappointed to discover Pittsburgh again upon leaving the theater.

A Flapper Inspired Red Wine & Raspberry Chocolate Cake // www.WithTheGrains.com

Like me, the film’s protagonist, Gil, is enthralled by Paris. He openly fantasizes about living in the Paris of his dreams- 1920s Paris, when Hemingway, Dalí, Buñuel and Man Ray shared deep thoughts over strong drinks, late into the night.

A Flapper Inspired Red Wine & Raspberry Chocolate Cake // www.WithTheGrains.com

Gil’s antithesis in the film, shoots down his nostalgic daydreams, “Nostalgia is denial – denial of the painful present… the name for this denial is Golden Age…

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Perfect Zucchini Recipe: Charred Zucchini With Summer Pesto

Putney Farm

Always better with a tasty beverage... Always better with a tasty beverage…

Ah, the joys of zucchini. It grows so easily that it makes any gardener feel good. But then it keeps coming, and coming….and coming….and then you get so much you can’t even give it away (neither can your neighbors). And god forbid you try to cook it all- your kids will never forgive you if you serve it every night (trust us, we have tried and they haven’t forgotten).

zuczuc1Happily we do have a few recipes that make the bountiful, but otherwise somewhat bland and watery zucchini worth eating throughout the summer. One of our faves is Redcat Zucchini, but that recipe is best done in small batches. What if you are grilling for a group? Well, this charred zucchini recipe is the perfect answer. This recipe is easy, tasty, time-efficient and it features ingredients that should be in your garden or…

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SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE – Fresh Watermelon “Cake”

watermeloncakeI decided to post this because it’s going to be about 85 degrees outside today and why not post some type of fun summer dessert!

I think there are a few ways you could do this, you could just frost it as a huge piece like the picture shows or you could maybe cut it into rounds (like cake pans) and make it a layered cake. I would say before you frost a fresh watermelon to take the excess moisture off with a paper towel so the frosting isn’t sliding down the sides. This also is a good idea for someone’s birthday, maybe the person doesn’t like cake but likes fruit? for the Fourth of July you could make this into a red, white, and blue cake.

Whole Wheat Chocolate Banana Tres Leches Cake

With The Grains

Cinco de Mayo 2015

Today would be a good day to be a high-school Spanish student. Today all the French and German students would watch you tote chips and salsa to class with jealousy (or Latin, Japanese & Arabic students if you went to a very privileged school with an eye toward the growing global economy). Today is Cinco de Mayo, and even if the historical connotations are fuzzy (you did read them in Spanish after all), one thing is clear: today is a Spanish class party day!

Cinco de Mayo by With The Grains 19

In thinking back to my own high school, Spanish class, cultural “immersions,” I recall one very late night, when months of procrastination hit me like a prickly cactus. I scoured the then very basic pages of the world wide web and attempted to finish a major report on Spain, taking the necessary breaks to lament my woes over AOL chat and catch the latest gossip…

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